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.m. up next, are republicans set to strike a budget deal with the democrats? eric cantor sits down with ali velshi for a special edition of "your money" and it starts right now. >>> i'm ali velshi and this is "your money." world leaders including david cameron, angela merkel, even the president of iceland have spoken here this week. but you're in north america so let me focus on the political brinksmanship that threatens your economic future. congress voted to suspend the debt ceiling for three months this week, effectively raising the country's borrowing limit while they figure out deeper cuts to reduce the deficit. that keeps me employed for at least a few more months. even before that deadline hits again, march 1st will be on us, the so-called sequester deadline. that's a stupid washington name for a stupid and dangerous washington creation, the automatic across-the-board spending cuts. then there's another date to worry about, april 15th. not just tax filing day but the date by which congress has promised to adopt a budget resolution. they even this time stake their pay on it,
eric cantor expressed his opposition to the senate bill before boehner had taken a stand, when the majority leader said out loud what most republicans were thinking about the fiscal cliff bill. there was admiration, the leaks were out, they wondered if a cantor brew was happening. so the rumors, just completely out of control. we'll know soon enough, the house elections thursday. >> yeah, we will know soon enough. and it was also interesting not only on the fiscal cliff deal. but with sandy relief, cantor went and through them right under the bus. cantor is worried about his position and the donors he has in the new york and new jersey area. it is interesting how quickly he brought the long knives out. i don't think that cantor will organize a coup for this week, personally, partly because anyone who is speaker of the house has to deal with the basic dynamics that john boehner is dealing with. and that is not particularly an attractive position for somebody to be in right now. >> there is fox news -- there is o'reilly and krauthammer, bringing them down even further, saying tha
defections included votes for majority leader eric cantor and for now former and infamous congressman alan west. but they were not enough to stop mr. boehner from getting his hands on the gavel once again. >> this covenant makes us servants of posterity. we're sent here not to be something, but to do something. [ applause ] >> yes, mr. boehner's signature tears flowed and who can blame him? ever all, the man has just had the privilege of leading the most loathed and least productive congress in modern history. having accomplished almost nothing, the to-do list greeting the new congress includes gun control, immigration, the sequester, the debt limit, the farm bill, hurricane sandy relief, the filibuster, and the violence against women act, all items left unresolved by the last congress. but if there is much to do and much republican opposition to doing it, at least speaker boehner can take heart that expectations are firmly in the gutter. the columnist gail collins writes in today's "new york times," the bar is low since some people believe the departing 112th congress was the worst in his
the most powerful republican in washington eric cantor from virginia says he and his fellow republican congressman will have a plan and they are ready to deal. >> i think it's important that we be here as members of the u.s. congress, the six of us who are here really interested in the discussion about the global economy. obviously, the u.s. economy is still a global leader. we wanted to remain that way. the political debated home has been very much about jobs and the economy. and we're here listening to some of the leaders from the eu and the other sort of entities that are here trying to understand how they're dealing with their problems. and i think coming out of all of this will be a renewed sense that in america we can compete and we will compete and we will continue to be the destination for capital and innovation. >> we have a natural gas boom and we have an oil boom and we have, thanks to low interest rates, what appears to be some sort of a housing boom. so much more can happen and, in fact, it seems like the only body, the only institution that might stand in the way of 2013
, eric cantor, who is supposedly his deputy, and the supposed vote counter, the whip, kevin mccarthy, both of whom voted against john boehner's big compromise, and just really quick just to read you what one person has said about these guys, and this would be eric harrison, who is himself a conservative. this is aircraft aircraftson's take on cantor homeland mccarthy, and he says look for further than eric cantor and kevin mccarthy voting no on the plan. they should not be commended for voting no. this is a sign of disarray. for those who think the gop will get its act together come the debt ceiling fight, all signs point to fractures still at the top of the house with cantor and mccarthy working at cross purposes to the speaker. is disloyalty the biggest problem? >> eric erickson is exactly right. during a meeting that newly minted at the time house minority leader nancy pelosi had in about march of -- >> hold on one second. i'll have you hold that thought. tammy baldwin is being sworn in right now. she is the democratic senator from wisconsin. she is the senate-elect, and she
within 48 hours. >> speaker john boehner voted for the deal, breaking the republican leaders eric cantor of virginia and kevin mccarthy of california who voted against. paul ryan joined speaker boehner, voting for the bill. after the vote, president obama tried to set the terms for the fiscal fights ahead in a rare late-night appearance with joe biden by his side in the briefing room. >> the one thing that i think hopefully in the new year we'll focus on is seeing if we can put a package like this together, with a little bit less drama, a little less brinksmanship, not scare the heck out of folks quite as much. >> but republicans are already looking ahead to another budget showdown in late february. that's when the temporary delay on domestic and military spending cuts expires and when congress must raise the $16.4 trillion debt ceiling limit to avoid default. >> save your powder for the debt ceiling fight. we have leverage at the debt ceiling to make this president face up to the fact that we're spending our way into oblivion. >> last night, the president warned republicans not to use t
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majority leader eric cantor is there and says the to leaders tax eswill not sigo up. you're watching cnbc, first in business worldwide. >>> we have had a busy, a barrage of earnings. we've had microsoft and at&t and starbucks, all posting their latest quarterly results minutes ago right here on the show. let's get a roundup now that we've had time to digest and read through all the earnings action. rights, bertha? give it to us. >> reporter: not full digestion but a tummy still full looking at the numbers. fiscal second quarter for microsoft beats by a penny. street looking for 75 cents. refnous more or less in line. actually had missed on both the top and bottom line last quarter. take a look at the reaction of the stock. we've got microsoft here. there we go. it's still down, however. sold 60 million windows 8 loy senses. no details on the surface sales. that's something else people may ask on the license call. at&t, strong on the bottom line, and actually missed on both the earnings for the same quarter last year. they said they saw smartphone fans, activated 18.6 iphones and 26% were
to simply come up for a vote. but he's got problems, including his number two, eric cantor, doesn't like, he can't support what the senate passed in such a lopsided vote and it looks like there's going to be a vote maybe tonight on new legislation which if it's passed by the house would then have to go back to the senate. >> reporter: that's right. first of all, let's talk about your question about the house speaker. he, i am told by several people in this meeting today, was very intentionally did not give his opinion. he didn't say whether he supports or opposes this bill. eric cantor did and he was certainly sending a signal to conservatives and making clear his personal position for good reasons. as the speaker goes, he really, i'm told, was told to just listen to concerns of the members. but it is true that if they do amend this, that it would have to go back to the senate down the hall here and it would have to be passed by thm or not. the other thing, just to sort of play this out a couple of days, there's a new congress sworn in on thursday, in just two days. if they don't finish this
moderate republicans. >> right. >> and a bunch of people who don't want to see eric cantor as speaker. >> yeah. >> essentially provides his majority, right? >> i think for people wondering why the speaker is going to retain the gavel today, most likely -- >> very weakened state. let's realize. >> he's beaten up and has really nothing to show for the last two years. whatever you can say about anybody else in this town. but there are three things to note here. first of all, if the speaker is to be replaced or taken out, first you need somebody who wants the job. i don't know of anybody outside of eric cantor that wants the job. second of all, you need somebody who can get the votes, a cross-section of the conference, the old bulls, tea party players. and the reasonable people who worry about how the speaker might reflect on them. somebody like peter king from new york who doesn't need somebody who is out there as a speaker. finally, you need somebody who is willing to risk losing. there is nobody who has all three characteristics. and boehner is a pretty widely political operator, more
this. remember eric cantor walked away from the earthquake victims in his own district. a couple of years ago. refusing more money for fema for the earthquake victims. in his own congressional -- >> cold-blooded. >> bill: totally cold-blooded. fran in springfield missouri. good morning. >> caller: good morning. new york and new jersey are blue states. republicans are not going to out of their way for that. >> bill: good point. governor christie made that point yesterday. new york and jersey, we've been there on the front lines helping people in other parts of the country, right, like in the tornado belt and others where they needed help. now it is our turn? what do we get? >> there are more food stamps in the red states than the blue states. >> bill: it's interesting. they are blue states but there are a lot of republicans in those states, right? look at governor christie. so this idea that the politics would be behind it, i think you're right fran. unbelievable. you would think that in time of disaster, you don
-800-345-2550 will help you get started today. >>> eric cantor may be an unrepentant partisan and perpetual opponent of the president, but he's no conservative, at least not according to heritage action. the group, an offshoot of a very influential conservative think tank grades conservative on their purity by a number of issues, and they definitely don't grade on a curve. for instance, their average score for house republicans, 66%. eric cantor, a mere 55%. so how do you earn a top grade with heritage action? well, let south carolina's jeff duncan demonstrate. >> madam secretary, you let the consulate become a death trap. and that's national security malpractice. >> joining us now is clarence page, a columnist with "the chicago tribune" and nbc's luke russert live for us on capitol hill. welcome to you both. clarence, what hope is there for gun control, immigration, climate change if true conservatives have to be to the right of eric cantor? >> well, not a lot of hope you would think. it's a real problem for those who want to get any kind of progressive action through at all or any kind of compromi
happen? >> eric cantor had promised a vote on the aid package before the lame duck session ended. >> the motion is adopted without objection to reconsider is laid on the table. >> reporter: but sources tell cnn right after the toxic fiscal cliff vote the house speak joern cliff vote the house speak joe n janua yanked the bill. >> reporter: the reason? cnn told the speaker he worried it was bad internal politics for him to allow a vote on $60 million after a long day of getting pommelled for spending. >> on a political chest board of politics our people were played last night as a pawn. >> i called the speaker four times last night after 11:20 and he did not take my calls. it is why the american people hate congress. it's why they hate them. >> reporter: and this meeting that just wrapped up really lasted a short time, maybe 20 minutes tops, wolf. it was clear that the house speaker knew he had to clean it up and clean it up fast and he had a plan ready to go to take the votes to reassure the republicans that were devastated by sandy. >> do you have doubt john boehner will be the
or lined up against boehner casting votes instead or candidates including majority leader eric cantor of virginia and tea party firebrand allen west. perhaps nobody told them west lost his election. when pelosi handed boehner a symbolic people's gavel boehner resisted the temptation to use it on the rebels in his own caucus. he returned to his favorite topic, reducing the national debt. >> at $16 trillion and rising, our national debt is draining free enterprise and weakening. in our hearts, we know it is wrong to pass this debt on to our kids and grandkids. now we have to be willing truly willing to make this problem right. >> eliot: with rest of house conservatives threatening to hold the debt ceiling hostage to force cuts in social problems, gridlock appears to be underway. for more on the state of the house, i'm joined by congressman jerry nadler, a good friend and congressman from new york. congratulations on starting this process all over again. good luck. >> thank you. we'll need it. >> eliot: you will, indeed.
of the leadership of his party who voted in favor of the bill. eric cantor and kevin mccarthy joined the majority of their party in voting no. boehner did find support from one key republican, paul ryan of wisconsin also voted yes. the main sticking point for republicans, a lack of spending cuts. hours before last night's votes, republicans considered trying to amend the bill from the senate and add additional spending cuts in. the senate made it clear they had no intention of revisiting this idea. so if changes were made that would essentially kill it. before the vote, republicans took to the floor and voiced their concerns. >> there are no spending cuts. we're adding $4 billion a day to the debt. the senate failed in cutting spending. >> i thought we were in a deficit crisis. i thought families were put at risk by this massive debt. what does this do about that? >> it was way past those senators bedtimes, they were blurry eyed when they were reading it we are trying to fill in the gap for where they missed a few things. >> i think it's unreasonable for senator reid to say something they produce
, governor cuomo, we met with eric cantor, who by the way, kept his word throughout this, and the bill was drawn. we were promised that it would come up yet. we provided every penny of documentation, and the speaker of the house of representatives walked off the floor, didn't even give us a courtesy of a notice, told as ann -- -- so there's some dysfunction in the leadership, the speaker for some reason is taking it out on new york, long island and new jersey, speaker boehner is the one. he walked off the floor, refused to tell us why, refused to give under the circumstances any indication of warning whatsoever, and eric cantor met with us throughout the week, he devised the strategy how to bring it to the floor to make it acceptable to let the republicans who wanted to vote against parts of the bill, they could do that, but the bill was going to pass. the bottom line is here. the republican speaker walked off the floor without allows the vote. i'm just saying these people have no problem finding new york, these republicans, when they're trying to raise money. they raised millions in n
obama doesn't get more than 100 votes or so, and eric cantor has already started to whisper a campaign against you, and we saw it happen with speaker newt gingrich and it can happen to you. speaker boehner took that to heart and he walked away from a deal shortly after that. >> coming to the interplay between the republican side in the second, task list. the president was initially doing a "des moines register" editorial board and did not get the endorsement of that paper and one of the things he said is that he believed he could get a grand bargain struck on the debt ceiling if he were reelected on november 6. based on what you're saying, it may not be possible if the freshmen, now sophomores, and some of the new members don't essentially give him their blessing to go cut a deal. they may feel in the same tough spot now that they were last year. >> a grand bargain based on what you're saying they not be possible if obama wins under any circumstance to well, i will go ahead and talk about it anyway because i have been doing general election reporting for "the new york times" magazine.
, the dow jones hit a five-year high today. maze mazletov mr. president. eric cantore telling the world, quote, next week we will authorize a three-month temporary debt ceiling increase. that was the announcement from the majority leader of the house republicans announcing they are giving up on what they had been saying for months was their plan, to not approve an increase in the debt ceiling to thereby push the country again into a self-imposed economic crisis and threat of defaulting on our national debt and all the panic we know that causes because they did it before in 2011. and eric cantore announced today they are not going to do that again even though they had been saying for months that they would. they gave up today on that threat. that's why the vix panic index stopped panicking today. that's the nice kickoff for what should be a nice weekend for the president. >>> new second term official portrait. to refresh your memory, this is the first term one. same flag pin, similar blue tie, i guess. lots more gray up top. i don't know why they decided to go from the close cropped i.d.
to vote on the senate bill. he voted for it. eric cantor, his deputy who had long been rumored to be after his job, voted the other way. and so john boehner has been in a tenuous position. and then you had the controversy over hurricane sandy. he decided in deference to the spending concerns of some of his members to put off that vote last night and was blasted today by chris christie, the governor of new jersey, by peter king and other members from northeastern states, so he's gotta election tomorrow. i've got to tell you, larry, i spoke to a republican member who messaged me from inside a conference meeting and said there are no serious challenges to john boehner. there is a movement to have some nuts, as he called them, vote present in the speaker's election, but there won't be enough of them to matter, larry. >> wow, nuts voting present. john harwood, thank you very much. we'll talk to you tomorrow about this same story. let's go to two different viewpoints. we have two different people on mr. boehner's future. ron meyer, press secretary for american majority action. and robert costa,
right tea party members, republicans breaking ranks with their house majority leader eric cantor to vote for a plan, 85 house republicans voted for the deal, 151 republicans voted against the deal, including cantor, and that didn't sit well with the tea party. amy kremer tweeted this "i'm extremely disgusted with what happened in the house tonight. there will be consequences." and if you scan any of the big national paper this is morning, the headline might be that yes a deal was reached but how we got there is also making news. "the los angeles times" proclaimed "fiscal cliff plan clears house with gop divided." "the new york post" called it "leap of faith, gop breaks ranks to pass bill." jeff landry was on cnn's "early start" and acknowledged the party tension. >> we have to have a fight to determine what republicans actually stand for now. i think that what you saw november 6th was the fact that the republican establishment can't figure out what they stand for. >> over the next two months we could see a lot more political tension, that's for sure. the deal still has not addressed the
. it was loaded with political give aways and not just relief. >> the fact that eric cantor voted on the fiscal cliff deal, he was a no vote and john bone bone voted for it obviously . the media were all over that. it was not just media. it was pointed out that cantor tweeted that he was going to vote for it and then 24 hours later he voted against it eric said it is not liberal confusion, it is the fact that the republicans are confused. over arching focus of the vote it was gop in disarray. it is what didn't get done in the fiscal cliff deal. if i can watch jim's word. it is a political story that comes out of the debacle. one column was thoughtful by robert samuelson who said it is it a failure of presidential leadership. the president was not talking at all about the fact that the country was. >> it wasia financial store foreand fot political. >> no. >> no it is it about taxes and budget. we should have had financial reporters covering it political reporters all they did was talk about sparring and who is up and down. new york times coverage was all politics and atrocious. >> we saw a gop s
the fiscal cliff deal. those republicans include some very powerful figures. eric cantor, kevin mccarthy, second and third highest ranking republicans in the house among them. a new congress is sworn in tomorrow, so boehner facing a crucial vote. whether he gets to continue to be the speaker of the house. will there be a revolt against him or despite some very public failures and the fact he wasn't even at the center of this whole debt deal itself, will he just sail into the speakership any way? this is a pretty, you know, amazing story. there's been a real repudiation, but how is this vote going to go ? >> what's so interesting is that people may not realize is that the speaker of the house is elected by the entire house, not just his or her party. so there will be a vote in the house floor tomorrow. and what is going to be really fascinating to watch, erin is how the vote goes because the difference between republicans and democrats if you do the math if all the democrats voted against him all any opponent would need to do is get 17 republicans to vote against him and what then h
for majority leader eric cantor, not john boehner. that took some guts on your first day. how come? >> erin, what we did is we are challenging leadership to let him know we're going to hold him accountable, just like i get held accountable in my district by our constituents. we want to let him know we're watching. we're willing to work with leadership and i look forward to doing that. that's why i stuck with the republican party with mr. cantor. >> you were quoted in the national journal as saying, "career politicians created this mess, or at least they didn't do anything to prevent it." >> right. >> so you term limited yourself, you said, to eight years. so should everyone face that limit, even those already in office? >> well, i think people ought to limit themselves. you know, i set that limit of eight years, because i figured that was good enough for george washington, it's good enough for me. you know, the founders didn't intend for us to make a living out of this or that long of a career. that's for each person to decide. me, personally, i decided for eight years. it goes back to what
leader eric cantor came up and said i do not support this bill. mike emanuel back at his post on capitol hill. there was speculation, was this a move by cantor to create some friction? there will be a vote on speakership thursday when the new congress goes in, the 113th congress, noon on thursday. i guess his people are saying that that is not the case at all. >>> well, that's right. they definitely were trying to walk us away from thinking that there s some soap opera going on here in the republican leadership in the house. but it has been a bruising fight in recent weeks for speaker john boehner. remember, he was negotiating with president obama and walked away from the talks and brought up a plan b. and had 40 or 50 of his members say we will not support, that the idea of raising taxes on those making more than a million dollars. behind closed doors is sunday night with the house republican conference multiple sources inside the room told me he got a standing ovation when thanked his rank and file for their support during this fight. so as of sunday night it sounded like the gang was
of the caucus. it starts with darrell issa who voted against the fiscal cliff. >> i'm with eric cantor. i can't vote for it in its current form. the senate and the president and vice president failed to meet their obligation. their own stated obligation which was to bring us a balanced bill. one that had tax adjustment, yes. but also had spending cuts. this one fails at that and fails badly. >> so enter ohio republican steve latourette who wasn't jazzed but took the plunge and voted yes. >> i went to the same high school as congressman issa but we haven't agreed on much since. >> did you agree in high school? >> i didn't see him a lot in class, so i don't know. >> somehow i doubt they'll show up together at the reunion. one point of agreement, both congressmen suggested that new year's eve was partially to blame for what the senate put together. >> i think it's a little unreasonable for senator reid to say something they produced on new year's eve by a bunch of doctrinarians is what we should vote on. >> all that partying own revelry and drinking that goes on on new year's eve at 2:00 in the
members, voted no, including majority leader eric cantor and republican whip kevin mccarthy. at the end of the day, enough lawmakers across the aisle agreed to the deal, but at a cost of extremely strained relationships. politico reports on an encounter between speaker boehner and harry reid in the white house lobby. go [ bleep ] yourself, boehner sniped, as he pointed his finger at reid, according to multiple sources present. speaker boehner refused to bring forward a bill funding emergency aid for victims of superstorm sandy. this is how republican peter king responded this morning. >> john boehner has been personally helpful over the years, so it pains me to say this, but the fact is, the dismissive attitude that was shown last night towards new york, new jersey, connecticut, typifies, i believe, a strain in the republican party. we cannot believe that this cruel knife in the back was delivered to our region. >> now, unfortunately, these leaders will still need to work together, and soon. with one deadline down last night, the president has already begun positioning himself for the n
wolffe nbc political analyst and executive editor of ron, we noticed eric cantor voted against the speaker's deal with the president. are there republicans who want to see him oust mr. boehner from the speaker's chair as well? >> well, martin, i always like to save some breaking news for you when i come on. >> i'm grateful to you for that. >> i have huge breaking news tonight. there are serious rumors that at the conference tonight at 5:00 john boehner will announce that he's resigning as speaker of the house. there are multiple senior sources that i have talked to tonight that have said that this is going to happen. >> ron, i wouldn't wish to question your sanity, but i find that very hard to believe. >> i know. listen, i find it hard to believe. i was put at a one in four chance today we'd be able to kick him out today. there are a serious group of members thinking about it. >> do they have someone as an alternative in mind. >> eric cantor is probably the one. >> is this a coup? >> i don't have any evidence. >> you have to put evidence forward. you put forth a rumor. sub shan
remember specifically is eric cantor and the republican leadership going down to the white house, as they were asked to do, with their ideas. this president said he wanted to be post partisan, and the president said to eric cantor, i won. we're going to do it my way. those were the leaders in congress at the time, and that's how the relationship started. knee gone downhill. i'm not saying they can't be fixed. this president is not starting the second term where he has to lead. the republicans control one chamber. the democrats control the senate and the white house, and all the cabinet and they're not -- they're all against demonizing republicans. that might have worked for the first term or to get re-elected. it doesn't go well for progress in the second term. >> i should have pointed out that ken mccarty and eric cantor were all there as well. i don't think that the speaker john boehner was there. people like joe scarborough have written and spoken out strongly on how the republican party after the defeat of mitt romney has to rebuild itself, has to reach out to hispanics, to o
is over. eric cantore proposes a three-month deal on the debt ceiling. some democrats are calling it a trap. i'll ask dnc chairwoman debbie wasserman schultz what she thinks. democrats are about to drop the ball. tonight, my message to senator harry reid. plus the american people are getting ripped off by a congress that just isn't working. congressman rick nolan, there 30 years ago. he is back now and he can't believe the difference. he is wondering, are we getting paid for this? >>> is it really an admission of guilt if you don't show any remorse? >> it did not even feel wrong? >> no. it's scary. >> did you feel bad about it? >> no. even scarier. >> psychologist dr. jeffrey gardere on lance armstrong's bizarre performance last night. >> good to have you with us tonight, folks. thanks for watching. republicans surrendered today in one of his biggest fights. president obama warned republicans about taking the debt ceiling hostage. it looks like they heard the message. >> the financial well-being of the american people is not leverage to be used. the full faith and credit of the un
happen. a vote for labrador from idaho. one vote for eric cantor. it's not coalessed. john boehner for all the discomfort with him, that's clear within some conservative circles, the guy is going to be the speaker of the house. it's remarkable that conservatives couldn't unite even a little bit more as a show of force. >> i still believe the only person -- if he somehow expressed an interest, you would see the committee chairs, you would see a flocking. >> does this -- the question you have to be watching now is how this weakens or stretens his hand going into negotiations on the fiscal cliff -- not that, the debt ceiling. that remains to be seen. we'll have to leave it there. >> i guess. >> because -- >> i normally love to stay. i have to say that there's a bitter feeling. i love the first day of school, which i call the first day of congress. >> i would love to be up there myself. >> there's something the way the 112th ended. >> doesn't give you a good feeling. >> i just -- you wish -- this should be a happier day in celebrating washington. >> we still congratulate those members
mr. boehner as speaker, republicans announced their other leadership positions. eric cantor and kevin mccarthy work reelected as majority leader and minority whip. cathy mcmorris rodgers takes over as conference chairman and craddick walton becomes -- greg walden becomes chairman of the nrc see. joe crowley is the new caucus vice chair. after the formal swearing-in of the group, speaker boehner met with members and their families for a mock swearing-in selected have their picture taken. -- so they could have their picture taken. >> how are you? thank you all. >> thank you. thank you very much. >> thank you. thank you all. >> thank you, sir. i am proud of you. >> stand right there. there we go. >> thank you, mr. speaker. >> raise your right hand. >> you are in the middle. you can hold that. >> thank you very much. >> thank you, mr. speaker, it is and honor. >> look straight ahead. congratulations. >> we will hold it. look straight ahead. >> congratulations. >> good job. >> how are you? there you go, just like that. >> perfect. right hand up, and there you go, perfect. >> congratulation
commenting about the fiscal cliff fix. eric cantor says he does not support it and john boehner scythed universal concern. >> i will vote against it because this is not the way to do the people's business. >> it passed the senate overwhelming and house democrats want it brought to the house floor. >> we expect the american people deserve an up and down vote on what was passed in the senate. >> what the senate passed will delay cuts for two months, prevent a big tax hike on estates valued legislation that r than $2 million. >> are are we going to avoid the fiscal cliff? >> i hope so. >> but it is unclear if there is enough votes on the house to pass the bill. >> this agreement represents the least weekend have done under the sicks. >> what we're going to do is put another $1 trillion worth of debt on the american people. >> some republicans are pushing for spending cuts to be added to the bill which means the senate would have to vote on that again if the house is able to pass an amended bill in the first place. they have too do this by thursdayed a noon, other
's eric cantor, said he could not fopport the bill in its current form, despite the fact that it passed the senate at 2:00 this morn morning with huge bipartisan support. >> >> the yeas are 89, the nays are eight. mi reporter: the bill is the product of the intense last- minute negotiations between senate republican leader mitch mcconnell and vice president joe biden. it contains no major cuts, partly because the speaker and vicepulled out of talks with the president last month over a akand bargain that would have cut nearly a trillion dollars in th over . we asked louisiana republican john fleming about that. this bill makes a lot of tax cuts that republicans like permanent. why not claim victory, and then work on spending cuts in the the two months? >> well, that was discussed. and you're right, it makes some things permanent, particularly permhe estate tax area, its here aret fix to the a.m.t. so there are some actual things like like about it. but as a whole, we don't like other parts of it that we think are going to be devastating to the economy and jobs. >> reporter: congressman s
voted yes while eric cantor and kevin mccarthy voted no. if he decides to run for president in 2016, he might be going up against rubio or rand paul, they both voted no. ryan would be only one of the three that voted yes. the plan means the bush tax cuts will continue for those making under $400,000 a year and couples making less than $450,000 a year. the tax rates will go back up for those making more. the automatic spending cuts that were set to kick in today are delayed for two months. the deal with extend unemployment insurance for some two million people for a year. the estate tax goes back up to 40%. also tax credits will continue for child care, tuition and research and development. on the flip side, the payroll tax rate will go back up to more than 6%. next up, congress and the administration have to figure out what to do about the spending cuts that are going to go into effect in two months if we don't do something and also, there is the issue of raising the debt ceiling. we're back with more show and
. >> eric cantor. >> cantor. allen west of florida. gohmert. >> former congressman allen west of florida. >> allen west of florida. yoho. >> eric cantor. >> cantor. >> you don't have to be a member of the house to be elected speaker, but votes for former congressman allen west pretty much are far out, don't you think? here's congressman louis gohmert's explanation. >> we cannot be about business as usual, and that's what my vote was. it was a statement we can't be about business as usual. >> congresswoman michele bachmann of minnesota introduced the first bill to repeal obama care in its entirety. in other words, republicans wasted no time getting the circus going again. but at least there were fewer of them. in the house there's going to be 233 republicans and 200 democrats, with democrats gaining seven seats. in the senate 55 in the democratic caucus and 45 republicans, with democrats gaining two seats. the 113th congress has 101 women, or about 1 in 5 lawmakers. there is also a greater minority representation than ever before. almost all of it from the democratic side of the aisle. an
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